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What is the best class for a total beginner?

SlowFlow is our best class for beginners, it is our old 45 minute class with a longer savasana at the end. HYB classes are open to all levels, however the SlowFlow format is recommended for anyone looking to focus on the foundation, structure and alignment of each posture. It is designed to suit all levels but perfect for those who are new to the practise, new to the heat or for those who prefer a gentler practise now and again. 


What is your cancelation policy?

As we will be opening with a very limited capacity and to ensure everyone gets the chance to return to their practise, we have to slightly tighten up our cancelation policy. We will now have an 8 hour cancelation window for classes. This means you can cancel your class up to 8 hours before class via our HYB app. Emailing, calling or messaging will not be accepted as a method of cancelling your class 

What do I need to prepare for class?

Try not to eat any heavy meals close to class. We recommend drinking 2 litres of water throughout the day before can evening class or at least a few glasses before a morning class. Bring water with you and electrolytes if you are new to the practise, if you have already worked out that day or if you haven’t eaten enough throughout the day. We will always have electrolytes in the studio so please do not hesitate to ask if you need one.  


What should I wear to class?

Light clothing - shorts, sports bras, leggings, tshirts. You can wear flip flops into the studio but only if you have brought them as a change from your outdoor shoes.


Do you provide yoga mats and towels ?

Due to the new Covid-19 regulations we ask that you bring your own towel and mat to class. We will be selling our HYB branded non slip towels and local company ZenBear yoga mats in the studio and on our app so if you forget you can purchase in the studio.

How does your waiting list work?

Our waitlist will be reopening allowing a small number of people to be added if the class is fully booked. As always, it is your responsibility to check on your space in the class by checking your HYB emails and the app. As you can be added to the class up to 8 hours before it begins, if you are on the waitlist and get added to the class it is up to you to cancel if you cannot attend otherwise you will be charged.


What if I am late for class?

We will not be able to permit any late comers to classes from now on. We require you to be in the studio, on your mat at the time class is scheduled to start.

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