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Our Story

Hot Yoga in Belfast has had many homes, we are proud to be one of them. Located on the Lisburn Road and the only infrared heated yoga studio in Northern Ireland - we have classes 7 days a week taught by experienced and specially trained hot yoga teachers.

Our classes are all beginner friendly, sequence based, teacher led and they get to a toasty (and very sweaty) 40 degrees using our state of the art infrared heating system. A great way to flush the system and detox the body, fantastic for those looking to lose weight in a healthy way, improve flexibility, strength and stamina. You will leave class with a new lease on life.


This yoga is for everybody. There are so many benefits from being in the heat, moving your body and just switching off from the stress of our every day lives. We want our space to be a place of respite, rest and rejuvenation and above all to provide a sense of community for all that step through our doors!

It can be quite daunting trying something new and something that WILL challenge you but it will be the best decision you ever make coming to class and trying it out! If you have any questions at all - please, send us a message or give us a call - we are always looking for an excuse to talk about hot yoga!

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