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How to ease the first time jitters!

First of all... welcome! We cannot wait to sweat with you very soon.

Trying anything new can be daunting so we want to ease your worries and make sure you are excited, informed and ready for your first class.

Hot yoga has many, many benefits (we have another blog post with all the benefits right here: ) and a regular practise can be life changing in so many ways but we won't sugar coat it... it is challenging!

The room is heated to 40 degrees using state of the art infrared panels, the humidity is kicked up to make things extra sweaty and we have a newly installed ventilation system which cleans the air and oxygenates the studio throughout class. Our classes are 60 minutes and you will be soaked with sweat by the end...but we promise, after a few classes you will be hooked!

HYB classes are all beginner friendly : what does this mean? This means that all of our teachers are specifically trained to adapt and adjust their class plans to suit all levels, all injuries and all bodies. This doesn't just apply to beginners either, every day your body and mind change making each class a different experience than the last. At HYB everyone works at their own pace. We encourage our students to sit down and rest if they need or to take breaks and watch until they can join - it is more important to us that you listen to your body and enjoy class than try everything and run yourself down.

Our classes are sequence based - this means that every class you attend will be the same every week. Each teacher has a different style of teaching so we recommend you try ALL the classes to find which ones suit you best! The benefits of repetitive sequences are that you have the opportunity to come back the next day and try again. As i said above, your body and mind change every day depending on your stress levels, sleep, what you've eaten or even if you received a worrying email right before class - all of these factors will effect how you feel during class. The repetitive sequence becomes a moving meditation, when you are having a bad day you know exactly what to expect from class, no suprise handstands or cartwheels! This allows you to relax more, to get out of your head and connect to your body and let go of control as your teacher guides you through class.

If you feel you are too stiff, too fat, too injured and too unfit to go to yoga remember - 90% of the people in the room are feeling the same thing. Remember that this is what yoga is for. Yoga studios exist because they want to help you, no matter how “broken” you think you are. Also, be aware that our minds can be our biggest obstacles once you are in the room and on your mat that is the hardest part of class done.

We have a very relaxed vibe at HYB. We want the hot room to be a safe and calm place for everyone so we ask that students keep their conversations for the main studio area. We have showers, changing rooms, filtered water, benches and free lockers for your valuables...everything you need! We also ask that you respect others both outside the room and inside on your mat and that you follow the new Covid guidelines (

Say hello! Please arrive 5/10 minutes before class if you are new and introduce yourself to your teacher when you get to the studio (there will always be happy faces around you eager to show you were to go if your teachers is setting up) Your teacher will make sure you have everything you need and will give you some tips before you begin!

Everyone remembers their first hot yoga class, don't doubt yourself or worry that you 'aren't flexible enough' for yoga - you are perfect and capable and you deserve to experience all of the wonderful ways hot yoga can change your life!

If you have any other questions about coming to class please do not hesitate to get in touch with our studio owner Danielle by phone or email. We look forward to seeing you at HYB very soon! xxx

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